Blacktip Shark and Lookdown

Blacktip Shark - Carcharhinus leucas

Spent most of the week-end at the beach in Orange Beach, Alabama.  We fished off the beach almost all day Saturday and caught several different species.  A newly documented species for me was this small Blacktip Shark (Carcharhinus limbatus).  Among the group, we caught 7 total, all very small.  I noticed an interesting pattern of pores under and behind the eye.

Blacktip Shark - Carcharhinus limbatus

Another interesting fish caught off the beach by my Brother in law, Gordon, was this Lookdown (Selene vomer).  I have seen pictures of the Lookdown before, but didn’t realize how thin and compressed they really are!  Cool fish!

Lookdown - Selene vomer

I had taken several pictures before I realized I had my camera set to Black and White.  There was a little color at the beach too, though I kind of like the B&W effect……

Orange Beach, Alabama


Orange Beach Morning

I had been hearing this week that the Sand Seatrout – or White Trout as the locals call them, were pretty thick around Orange Beach, AL.  I made the 40 minute trip this morning with Jack to check it out.  I typically do not keep fish, but White Trout are known to be especially tasty and my mother-in-law has been wanting some fresh fish….so we took the ice chest.  Jack is a serious fisherman who grew up here in Lower Alabama and has shared his local lore with me frequently.  He also loves his fish fries, so the ice chest put an especially large grin on his face this morning.  Jack also knows that I get sidetracked easily when I catch a different species and just chuckles when I bring out the camera to photograph the “Ground Mullet” or Pinfish” that  I bring aboard.

We had a successful trip in that we brought back enough White Trout to satisfy my needs and a good contribution to Jack’s next fish fry.  I didn’t take any pictures this morning of the white trout, but here are a few of some other species caught.

Silver Perch


Jack caught a Gafftopsail Catfish….  I lost a nice one at the boat with my ultralight gear.