Blacktip Shark and Lookdown

Blacktip Shark - Carcharhinus leucas

Spent most of the week-end at the beach in Orange Beach, Alabama.  We fished off the beach almost all day Saturday and caught several different species.  A newly documented species for me was this small Blacktip Shark (Carcharhinus limbatus).  Among the group, we caught 7 total, all very small.  I noticed an interesting pattern of pores under and behind the eye.

Blacktip Shark - Carcharhinus limbatus

Another interesting fish caught off the beach by my Brother in law, Gordon, was this Lookdown (Selene vomer).  I have seen pictures of the Lookdown before, but didn’t realize how thin and compressed they really are!  Cool fish!

Lookdown - Selene vomer

I had taken several pictures before I realized I had my camera set to Black and White.  There was a little color at the beach too, though I kind of like the B&W effect……

Orange Beach, Alabama


Scrappy Pinfish in Fish River

Fall was definitely in the air this morning as I fished Fish River, Baldwin County, Alabama for Redfish and Speckled Trout.  The North wind was a blowing and the temperatures stayed in the low 60’s.  No Redfish or Specks, but I did manage a few Largemouth Bass and this Pinfish that hit a crankbait!  He’s got a scrape on his forehead to show for it.  He along with the bass was released to swim in wait for a warmer day….

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