Weed Shiner – Notropis texanus

Some quick pieces of information of interest to the fishing pursuit of this species gleaned from my copy of The Inland Fishes of Mississippi:

  • usually found in small to moderate-sized streams of slow to moderate flow
  • occurs in the lower third of the water column
  • less tolerant of brackish water than closely related Coastal Shiner (Notropis petersoni)
  • in vegetated streams, they typically occur in open water, near, but not in, vegetation
  • population increases are often directly tied to a period of Spring flooding
  • feeds during the day, with peaks in activity either after sunrise or in midafternoon
  • One study showed diet made up of: 20% surface animal prey; 5% mid water prey; 39% benthic prey; 35% organic detritus
  • Spawning occurs March through September or early October at water temperature of 14-29 degrees C.
  • Weed Shiners may live into their fourth year but most perish after their third year
  • maximum size is 3.4 inches
Additional Weed Shiner information and bibliography: Fishes of Texas


04172013 Fish River 068 800a

04172013 Fish River 023 800a

04172013 Fish River 029 800a

04172013 Fish River 056 800a

04172013 Fish River 060 800a

This nuptial male Weed Shiner was caught in early March 2012 in Baldwin County, Alabama on a small piece of PowerBait Spike placed near the bottom under a small float.


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