Blackbanded Darter – Percina nigrofasciata

Some quick pieces of information of interest to the fishing pursuit of this species gleaned from my copy of The Inland Fishes of Mississippi:

  • common inhabitant of shallow riffles  of small streams
  • compared to the closely related Dusky Darter,  it occupies areas with finer substrate and slower current – given a choice, it selects fine to medium gravel over sand
  • Spawning occurs from mid-February to April in Louisiana
  • Blackbanded Darters feed during the day, with peaks in the morning and mid-afternoon
  • most prey are taken from the drift – dipteran larvae, mayflies and caddisflies
  • maximum length is 3.7″ – most Blackbanded Darters larger than 2.4″ are males

These Blackbanded Darters were caught in Negro Creek of the Blackwater River drainage in Baldwin County, Alabama on April 14, 2012

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