Tenkara Line Spool Project

I’ve shared a couple line spool concepts I’ve explored in the past.  They were specifically crafted for my Soyokaze micro-fishing rod.  As my initial inspiration came from the world of Tenkara fishing, I thought it fitting to see how I might create one appropriate for that genre.  Tenkara rods being larger, need a larger diameter opening in the center to properly “fit.”  This larger void in the center decreases the area that can be utilized for keeping a fly and limits the design elements that can be used.  I’ve been working on this spool for a while now, but things have slowed down with the heat outside as “the one who must be obeyed” seriously frowns on the dust created in the dining room!  These pictures show it as it presently sits on my desk, in its rough stage. I think you can visualize somewhat where I’m going with it though….

Tenkara Line Spool

Tenkara Line Spool


Rethinking Rod Choice

TenkaraBum recently wrote a thought provoking article on his Website that really makes sense to me.  Although I am not an active part of the Tenkara scene yet, the common sense logic presented speaks volumes toward where this sport could go.  Well worth the read.   Nicely done, Chris!

Rethinking Rod Choice III – Many.

What is interesting to me, is that I am arriving at this from the opposite direction – having obtained the 6’6 Soyokze for my Micro-fishing.  Before moving to the Deep South, I regularly flyfished for Summer Run Steelhead in the Pacific Northwest with my Sage 7wt.  I miss that time on those rivers and now find myself being drawn back into flyfishing, specifically Tenkara,  through my Soyokaze rod which was purchased for another purpose.  …….the other day I found myself furling fine tippet material for a tapered Tenkara flyline….now I need to dig out those Grouse and Starling feathers I have saved somewhere!

Update: Micro-fishing Line Spool

Micro-fishing line spool

Last night I finished up the next prototype in the Micro-fishing line spool project.  I’m getting closer to that I envision, though it still isn’t quite right.  To accommodate using it as an un-rigged line holder, I made one of the interior wire loops into a wire hook.  I also changed from using soft copper wire for the loops to a much stronger and more durable spring stainless steel.

I was hoping that the slits in the rim surface would hold a furled line…(for Tenkara application), but that didn’t work out in their present configuration…..something to keep working on!  I’ve got some ideas!  The present configuration would work just fine for a Tenkara spool to be used between locations while rigged for fishing.

I’ve been thinking of other more fine grained hardwoods to use, but I do like the fact that this Chilean Cherry is quite light in weight.  The Rosewoods and Cocobolo would be a delight to carve and would finish out better, but would be significantly heavier…..maybe not a big thing!?  I’m also looking at using North American native woods, and we have some nice ones here!

Line Spool on Diawa Soyokaze rod

Micro-fishing Line Spool

I like to collapse my Soyokaze rod and keep my line attached to the tip while moving between fishing spots.  I have been using a piece of foam cut from a meat packing tray to wind the line onto, though light, it is a bit awkward with no means to attach it to the rod.  It tends to flop around while walking and also does not secure the collapsed rod sections to keep the tip section from accidently being exposed and broken.  I’ve been studying the spools designed for Tenkara fishermen for this same purpose and decided it was time to make my own after this style.

My micro-fishing setup typically includes a small float, some indicator beads and maybe a small split shot for weight.  I wondered if these might present some challenges for this system as a Tenkara line is “clean”of these hindrances.

I have a small wood lathe in the shop that I use to make game calls, flutes, bowls etc. and also had a few scraps of wood flooring left over from building our house.  This Chilean Cherry made a nice proto-type spool which I’ll take with me on my next trip.  The small float etc. on the line seem to do fine.  A couple design changes are already logged for the next version.

I believe it will work just fine for my micro-fishing and I also think it could serve the Tenkara fishermen as well.