Over the last few months I have been reading about and researching existing techniques and equipment for micro-fishing.  In my typical fashion, I got sidetracked several times on interesting related subjects.  One of these subjects is float fishing.  Not having done much bait fishing, I’ve never really gotten into the technical side of float fishing.  When I was a kid, the red and white plastic bobber was it!  Having a couple different sizes was probably as technical as I got.  My quest for information took me to the Japanese Tanago fishermen, who might be labeled the original micro-fishermen.  They have created a sport of their pursuit of the various species of the small bitterling.  This is a beautiful fish when in nuptial dress and several beautiful photos are available from various Japanese Tanago blogs.

In viewing the equipment used by these Japanese Tanago fishermen, I decided I could probably make floats very similar to the ones developed for their techniques.  This was the inspiration for most of the un-stemmed floats pictures.  I created various different shapes to see if any have advantages to the way I will use them. The stemmed floats are small versions modeled after various traditional European floats. I  will have to determine how they have application to my micro-fishing.  All of these floats are turned from small bamboo skewers and balsa wood.