Silver Creek Checkup

02242013 Silver Creek 036 800

It has been several months since I made the effort to fish the neighborhood creek.  After rototilling the garden this afternoon, I went down to Silver Creek with my 6’6″ Soyokaze  20SR rigged with a 6 foot piece of 7X tippet, a quarter of a BB split shot and micro hook.  I cut a tip of a red wiggler, probably about the size of half a match head, and pierced it with the Tanago hook.  I’ve found that leaving the hook tip exposed greatly increases hook ups.  A piece of worm lasts a long time while microfishing, and if I start missing “hook sets”….to use big fish terminology!….I most often find that the bait has moved on  the hook, covering the hook point.  A quick adjustment of the bait has me back in effective business.

My goal this evening was to see how the local Weed Shiners (Notropis texanus) were doing.  They are the only microfish I’ve caught in this stretch of water and are usually present and cooperative.  This evening was no exception.  I also wanted to see how my new (Christmas) camera would handle the photo tank.  The new camera is a Nikon CoolPix, which is much smaller than my trusty Canon PowerShot Pro 1, but as of yet, unproven in its ability to clearly and accurately document my “on the water” adventures.

It seems that the Nikon needs a solid background upon which to focus, thus the white towel in the background.   I have less control over the pictures, but I think the CoolPix’s small size and convenience will win a spot in the travel bag.  The Canon takes pictures that are clearer and with more detail.  It will still be used in situations where small size and portability are not critical.

The above picture of the Weed Shiner shows its typical coloration from the dark local waters.  All the rays of the dorsal and caudal fin have pigmentation and the last 3 rays of the anal fin are usually prominently pigmented.  The dark lateral band extends around the face with pigmentation on both the upper and lower jaws.

I was quite surprised when this beautiful Bluegill sucked in the tiny bait.  The tussle with the light Soyokaze was delightful, with the fine line singing as it raced through the water.  The tiny Tanago hook, hooked in his upper lip held long enough for me to land him for a photo shoot.  Quite a handsome guy!

02242013 Silver Creek 061 80002242013 Silver Creek 066 800


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