Dawn Topwater Speckled Seatrout

Speckled Trout with topwater plug

My Brother-in-law, Gordon, and I got out at dawn this morning on Mobile Bay.  Reports from recent days have been good so we were anxious to get into the fray.  We launched at about 5:30 AM and crept out to our spot in the darkness.  We both fished topwater initially, Gordon with a new noisy Rapala Skitter Walk in white and red and I with a wooden plug I had made last year but not field tested.  Gordon got the first activity with a nice fish, but it came off very quickly.   He had several other strikes and blow-ups in quick succession, many times knocking the plug out of the water.  On close inspection as it got lighter, we discovered that the top treble hook was missing, obviously lost on the first fish.  After replacing the missing hook, Gordon was able to catch two more nice Specks before the topwater bite shut down.  I did catch a nice Speck on my plug too, which pleased me immensely!  Being new to plug making, this is the first fish I have caught on a plug of my making.  ……now I just need to get some rattles inside to compete with the noisy Rapala!

This fish is about 21″ long and was not the largest fish we caught.  As the daylight shut down the top water action, we switched to jigs and soft grubs and finished out our limits for a fish fry…in preparation for the approaching Hurricane Isaac!

Speckled Seatrout

5 thoughts on “Dawn Topwater Speckled Seatrout

    • Thanks! They were especially fine that morning. If it ever cools down and we don’t have too much rain, they’ll move up into the rivers which creates some excellent fall and winter fishing as well.

    • They are great sport here as well! They are starting to move up into the rivers now, where we’ll find them through the winter.


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