Common Shiner – Luxilus cornutus

I found myself in Detroit, Michigan this week with a few hours of free time one evening. As I usually will pack my Soyokaze rods, (I recently received a 10 foot 31SR to join my 6 foot 6 inch 20 SR) I was prepared to pursue some Metropolitan micro fishing.  About a half mile from my hotel in Southfield meandered a small stream with the interesting name, River Rouge, so with a ittle effort I found access and was in business.  A nice river walk park is being developed which provided for a very pleasant evening.

River Rouge - Southfield, MI

This stretch of water was generally quite featureless with a slow flow.  It was here that I encountered a new life lister for me, the Common Shiner, Luxilus cornutus.  I also caught several Creek Chubs from the same water.

Common Shiner - Luxilus cornutus

My shiner catches varied in size from under 3 inches to 5 and a half inches long.  I used the Soyokaze 20SR as the water was small enough for me to reach the far side if needed, and I like its ultra sensitivity.  I probably caught a dozen in the two hours I fished.

Common Shiner - Luxilus Cornutus

Common Shiner - Luxilus cornutus

Common Shiner - Luxilus cornutusWhile photographing, if I kept the angle of sunlight just right, I could easily see the true colors under the scales.  Some had dark blotches on their sides.  The bright green was quite stunning!  In normal sunlight angles, they were a bright shiny silver.

Common Shiner - Luxilus cornutusCommon Shiner - Luxilus cornutusCommon Shiner - Luxilus cornutusCommon Shiner - Luxilus cornutus

Here is one of the Creek Chubs I caught that evening.

Creek Chub

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