Fort Morgan Pier – Standard Fare

Pinfish - Lagodon rhomboides

Pinfish – Lagodon rhomboides

Spot - Leiostomus xanthurus

Spot – Leistomus xanthurus

Atlantic Croaker - Micropogonias undulatus

Atlantic Croaker – Micropogonias undulatus

Southern Whiting - Mentricirrhus americanus

Southern Whiting – Mentricirrhus americanus

Hardhead Catfish - Arius felis

Hardhead Catfish – Arius felis



2 thoughts on “Fort Morgan Pier – Standard Fare

  1. I am still hunting for the Southern Kingfish – I always think I got one, but then it just turns out to be another Gulf Kingfish.

    • RC, thanks for visiting! The only Southern Kingfish / Whiting I have caught have been in the bays. I caught what I think was a Northern Kingfish off the beach once, with its long first dorsal ray. It was with a bunch of Gulf Whiting / Kingfish.


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