Tenkara Line Spool Project

I’ve shared a couple line spool concepts I’ve explored in the past.  They were specifically crafted for my Soyokaze micro-fishing rod.  As my initial inspiration came from the world of Tenkara fishing, I thought it fitting to see how I might create one appropriate for that genre.  Tenkara rods being larger, need a larger diameter opening in the center to properly “fit.”  This larger void in the center decreases the area that can be utilized for keeping a fly and limits the design elements that can be used.  I’ve been working on this spool for a while now, but things have slowed down with the heat outside as “the one who must be obeyed” seriously frowns on the dust created in the dining room!  These pictures show it as it presently sits on my desk, in its rough stage. I think you can visualize somewhat where I’m going with it though….

Tenkara Line Spool

Tenkara Line Spool

2 thoughts on “Tenkara Line Spool Project

    • Thank you Daniel! I really appreciate you taking the time to view it. Now to find the time to actually finish it! I’ll post an update when it’s completed. – Arlan


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