Update: Micro-fishing Line Spool

Micro-fishing line spool

Last night I finished up the next prototype in the Micro-fishing line spool project.  I’m getting closer to that I envision, though it still isn’t quite right.  To accommodate using it as an un-rigged line holder, I made one of the interior wire loops into a wire hook.  I also changed from using soft copper wire for the loops to a much stronger and more durable spring stainless steel.

I was hoping that the slits in the rim surface would hold a furled line…(for Tenkara application), but that didn’t work out in their present configuration…..something to keep working on!  I’ve got some ideas!  The present configuration would work just fine for a Tenkara spool to be used between locations while rigged for fishing.

I’ve been thinking of other more fine grained hardwoods to use, but I do like the fact that this Chilean Cherry is quite light in weight.  The Rosewoods and Cocobolo would be a delight to carve and would finish out better, but would be significantly heavier…..maybe not a big thing!?  I’m also looking at using North American native woods, and we have some nice ones here!

Line Spool on Diawa Soyokaze rod

4 thoughts on “Update: Micro-fishing Line Spool

  1. Whoa Arlan! that is the coolest line holder ever! I can’t wait to see v3. I really like the look of the chilean cherry but I have no idea what some of your native woods would look like when finished, I’m sure it will be awesome whatever you choose.

    • Thanks Hugo! I really appreciate it. I like the Chilean Cherry also, and this piece of wood was one of the more plain pieces I have…! I have some Osage Orange left over from making turkey calls which I may try…it is bright yellow immediately after working it, but ages nicely to a mellow brown patina with age. Another wood that grows locally, though not a native, is Chinese Tallow – or Popcorn Tree. It’s wood is a very nice off white and takes a nice finish as well. Lots of possibilities! – Arlan

  2. what would be realy cool (but I’m not sure if it would be possible) is making the main part of the line holder out of osage orange but having some (fish shaped?) inlays made from the chinese tallow. just a suggestion. I really like the line holder as it is, but I know the next one will be even more awesome!


    • While carving this one, I was thinking of how to evolve the three curved elements into fish on future ones…. We’ll see where this goes…! – Arlan


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