Rethinking Rod Choice

TenkaraBum recently wrote a thought provoking article on his Website that really makes sense to me.  Although I am not an active part of the Tenkara scene yet, the common sense logic presented speaks volumes toward where this sport could go.  Well worth the read.   Nicely done, Chris!

Rethinking Rod Choice III – Many.

What is interesting to me, is that I am arriving at this from the opposite direction – having obtained the 6’6 Soyokze for my Micro-fishing.  Before moving to the Deep South, I regularly flyfished for Summer Run Steelhead in the Pacific Northwest with my Sage 7wt.  I miss that time on those rivers and now find myself being drawn back into flyfishing, specifically Tenkara,  through my Soyokaze rod which was purchased for another purpose.  …….the other day I found myself furling fine tippet material for a tapered Tenkara flyline….now I need to dig out those Grouse and Starling feathers I have saved somewhere!


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