Jacob Fork of the S. Fork Catawba River, NC

In my recent trip up to North Carolina I did manage to catch a few fish of interest to me. This trip I only took my micro gear, so that was my focus.  My first opportunity was along a picturesque stretch of Jacob Fork of the South Fork Catawba River in Catawba County, NC.  This water was crystal clear running over a bedrock/boulder substrate, something I don’t get to see in Lower Alabama.  It took me about an hour to figure out how to get an acceptable presentation to the visible fish.  I was fortunate and caught two new species for my lifelist, the Bluehead Chub ( Nocomis leptocephalus) and the Warpaint Shiner (Luxilus coccogenis).

Bluehead Chub - Nocomis leptocephalus

Bluehead Chub

Warpaint Shiner - Luxilus coccogenis

2 thoughts on “Jacob Fork of the S. Fork Catawba River, NC

    • Thanks for taking the time to read my musings! I must say, chasing these other fish has added another dimension of enjoyment to the sport. Not only can I fish water not suitable for more traditional targets, but then once you catch something, you have to identify it! Lots of fun when the equipment is scaled down! – Arlan


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