It don’t get no purdier than this…

Caught this Spotted Sunfish from Silver Creek in the City Park in Silverhill, AL  last night while searching for Micros.  I was sight fishing with my Soyokaze micro rod when I spotted him cruising in a small pool.  He was very hard to see against the black bottom and tannin stained water, but the slight white edges of his dorsal and caudal fins stood out as they gently rippled and waved. What a delight on the light rod and 6 feet of 7X tippet as line!  He was carefully released so he could spread those handsome genes!

2 thoughts on “It don’t get no purdier than this…

  1. I was rigged for micros, so presented what I had…. about a 1/16th inch piece of brown Berkley Gulp earthworm on a tiny Tanago hook (from TenkaraBum!) with a tiny (1/4 of a BB split shot) piece of lead about 1″ above. I can make it flutter and the fish strike the lead as often as the hook! …I’ve got to fish this outfit as Tenkara… I know I could have caught many on a fly!


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