Why……those other fish?

Remember when you were young and it was fun to catch Bullheads, Yellow Perch and small Sunfish with a cane pole?  That creek probably also had some minnows in it and the challenge of catching them consumed hours. This was before you were “educated” to understand that proper fishing was for Trout, Large-mouth Bass and Walleye!  Oh, and it is understood that you should use the finest carbon rods and billet aluminum reels if you wanted to be accepted as an accomplished angler…..and the fish have to be BIG!

Now I really enjoy fishing for big Trout and such, and also have a few pieces of fine equipment which I value and love to use, but there is something to be said for the endeavor and pursuit of all the other fish out there.  The enjoyment of researching the habits and habitats of the Suckers, Chubs, Darters or Shiners of the world to actually catch them,  often with simplified equipment, can be a big part of the overall experience.  Discovering an obscure fishes behavior and biology and then learning how, when and where to present your bait or lure to them can be a very satisfying challenge.

Part of my enjoyment is also learning techniques, equipment and traditions from earlier periods of time and other cultures that don’t hold these fishing biases.  The Japanese simplified method of fly fishing, Tenkara, used in small mountain streams, and their traditions and equipment used in the pursuit of a series of small fish species, the Bitterling or Tanago are a source if inspiration.  Making some of my own equipment is always an interest of mine as well.

I’ve created this site – …those other fish – so I can share my experiences in the preparation and execution of my current fishing whims, whether they be Salmon or Shiners, traditional or non-traditional.  No matter what end of the spectrum of fishing you find yourself, something here will hopefully be of interest and probably fit your definition of …those other fish!

Arlan Ten Kley

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